AA Creek Black Diamond a.k.a. Lea


D.O.B.: 04/08/2014; Color and markings: Black with 2 white hind socks

Height: 33 inch; Registered: AMHA/AMHR/NMPRS/BMP

Free of all 4 known dwarf genes (N/N)

Titles: 2x AMHA Champion (Halter division)

          3x AMHA Reserve Champion (Halter division)


Sire:  Ravenwood The One To Remember, Sorrel, 32 inch

          AMHA World Champion

          AMHA multiple Res. World Champion.

          He has in total 45 Supreme and Grand Champion titles

Dam: Scott Creek Lyric Dot Com, Black, 32 inch

          World Grand Champion Futurity

          World Champion and in Europe multiple

          Supreme and Grand Champion

AA Creek Black Diamond
AA Creek Black Diamond
AA Creek Black Diamond
AA Creek Black Diamond
AA Creek Black Diamond as foal

Lea has a long neck, a short back, a well set tail and nice straight legs. Her character could not be better. She is a real black diamond and will follow her parents footsteps.

During her short show career she became multiple AMHA champion and reserve champion.

She is a wonderfull mare with an excellent exterieur. She has a strong movement with a powerfull long gluteal muscle and was highly rewarded when she was tested for the NMPRS breeding allowance by the vet.

We showed her just one year, due to the fact that we had to many horses in our show string to handle all.

Her titles are:

MHCE Spring Show Aalten 2015   Champion Yearling mares 28-30" shown by Joni Timmers

MHCE Spring Show Aalten 2015   Res. Champion Amateur Junior mares, lvl 1.

ICAMH Spring Fling Show 2015    Champion Youth special needs showing mare/gelding (Anouk de Warle)

ICAMH Spring Fling Show 2015    Res. Champion Youth 8-12 years exh. mare (Anne Marije de Warle)

ICAMH Spring Fling Show 2015    Res. Champion Yearling mares 30-32" shown by Joni Timmers

In 2019 I started Lea driving the sulky, which she picked up very well. She got time to have that settled in her mind during last winter. In Spring 2020 I started driving Lea again which she picked up great. In May she will go to Sabine van der Bellen to make her traffic prove. As soon as the shows start again Sabine will drive her  in the Country Pleasure class. One never knows if she also will like to drive Roadster and eventually will pick up Single Pleasure when she is a bit further in the driving, as she really lifts her legs and has a very long gluteal muscle.

AA Creek Black Diamond during show
AA Creek Black Diamond
AA Creek Black Diamond

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