MS Sampsons La Crme Daisy a.k.a. Daisy

D.O.B.: April 20, 2019; Color: Perlino; Height: 31.5". Expected 33.5".

AMHA/AMHR/NMPRS registered. Dwarf gene free, N/N.

Sire: Silver Plates Baccarra Sampson, Buckskin, 31".

         Driving, ABOP-AA certificate, with 96 points

Dam: AF Gold Flame, Palomino, 33.5".

MS Sampsons La Crme Daisy just after her arrival on May 25, 2020
25-05-2020 Daisy for the first time in her stable at IMH
Daisy 5 days old
Daisy 5 days old
Daisy 3 months old

May 2020 Daisy was added to our herd. She is a half sister of our well-known mare Babylonia. Both have the same Sire.

Her Sire, Silver Plates Baccarra Sampson, was the first American Miniature Horse that obtained an ABOP-AA certificate in driving. Her Granddad at Sire's side is World Champion Little Kings Buckeroo Baccarra. 

Her Dam, AF Gold Flame is a beautiful palomino mare.

Daisy was 1 year old when she joined our herd. Due to circumstances she had not learned a lot in her first year. A halter, okay, but that you have to walk along with the one at the other side of the rope, was not known yet, and a trailer... what's that? She really was a 'green' horse. But that will change bit by bit.

Daisy has, just like her half sister Babylonia, a correct conformation and is a great mover, but next to that she's got an adorable character. 

For the moment, she will follow the routine in our barn and in the field. Just to learn all, and mature a bit more. She now knows to follow on a halter, stand tight, and she walks without a problem up in a bumper trailer. 

Her color, Perlino, makes that her siblings will be Palomino, Buckskin, Smoky Black, Cremello or Perlino as she has 2 creme genes.

Daisy 3 months old
Daisy 1 year old at her breeder, Mandy Schonkeren, in the pasture
Daisy 1 year old in her stable at IMH

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